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RT @hkarthik: Throughout your career, there are going to be two types of jobs. Ones where you will be given a lot of structure and support…

NLB to reconsider Udemy Business for Education and Sustainability – Sign the Petition! https://t.co/x4dVMxTaeY via @Change

Setting up self-hosted apps with CapRover on Hetzner was such a breeze. Took less than 2 hrs to setup the whole self-hosting infra. @saturn4me Whatever you have built is 🔥🔥 #OSS is the way to go

RT @charliebilello: Asset Class Returns since 2011… https://t.co/k11MGG6zmR

Something interesting is cooking with Chef Flipkart and Polygon #Web3 #Loyalty https://t.co/9imlZ4i7dH


Businesses are building on open-source AI – Replicate https://t.co/qB4oqozotN

RT @jjen_abel: This might not make sense to some, but I know it will resonate with a few… Founder-led sales is so incredibly powerful be…

RT @dani_avila7: Use Copilot for free and completely privately with the DeepSeek models in VSCode Follow these 5 steps: – Download the Cod…

#ArijitLive is a best high you can ever get! https://t.co/9wAmETjUy7

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