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Payments 🕸 Web 🕸

As a payment enthusiast, I’ve been researching the ins and outs of building a digital wallet that stands out in a crowded market. One thing that’s become clear is that payments themselves are a commodity – everyone wants to offer them, and they’re an essential part of any business transaction. However, the real value lies in what you can build on top of those payments.


DORA Metrics – let’s create value and not push code

I have been reading about data-driven development productivity and effectiveness for quite some time now and trying to visualise it both from a developer’s shoes, as I have been one for a large part of my career and then from an engineering manager’s eyes where continuous improvement, effectiveness and productivity are a constant topic when it comes to ‘achieving more with less’

Captable and Prorata 101

As a person who likes to be in the trenches, I was geeking out on captable economics in the past few weeks and wanted to share more about it in this blog.

Startup Valuations & Liquidity

I listened to 2 podcasts this week that really got me thinking clearly about the economics of an early-stage business and how it is perceived in the eyes of an investor and how it also impacts the founder and employees.

I thought it would be good to lay down the dots first and then try to link them just enough so that when the jig-saw is put together although each piece may not make much sense but together will give a clear picture for an entrepreneur from the shoes of an investor.

How to run a profitable company with opensource stacks…

Zerodha defies all the things that a profitable company does. They are a 30-40 member tech team that runs Indias largest stockbroking platform which also includes direct mutual fund and a plethora of other things like investor education etc, all of which are the best in class. Ruthless prioritisation, focus and they know their purpose of existence which probably makes it easy.

Here is a sneak peek into their technology stack

Perfect example of how to leverage data in building a portfolio and storytelling

I don’t believe everything thats folks at Marcellus say but their honesty and hard work is evident

SaaS Frameworks 101

I want to share this piece of information which has helped me put a lot of technical aspects in context when I started out to build estackk. I believe this will help the entrepreneur community in building their internet-business. Bear in mind that technology is only 50% of the SaaS business, rest being sales, GTM, marketing, pricing, service-UI-UX and a ton of other things.