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RT @sytaylor: Full breakdown of Visa’s new announcements. If this gets adoption it’s a game changer. 👇 💳 Cards 👉 Any device is a POS devi…

which needs to be spent wisely. This has been on my mind to write about, and Aditya’s tweet simply nailed the broader point overall.

To make sure the most talented folks are building right solutions and go into the tech weeds like architecture, buy/oss adopt/build, choose the right tech, foresee the failure points and prioritise, obsessively improve what is already working. It is often forgotten that mgrs have…

Mgrs need to keep all comm channels open and build that trust so that teams reach out to them when needed. Weekly babysitting members should be last on the mgrs list. Mgs should focus on building processes and frameworks and work closely with businesses aka revenue generators

1:1’s is an ext imp tool in mgrs box which needs to be toned up or down depending on the pulse of the member or team morale – knowing this is the skill of the manager. Cutting the middle layer in the current times is just a testament that teams need to be self organised..

Agree at so many levels. As a manager one would not need a weekly checkin if they are “really” involved working with the team. Folks mindlessly obsess over 1:1’s and try to ape some culture book.

Managed to setup my own Autonomous RAG with llama3 on Groq in less than 20mins, looks like it is going to be awesome. Hooking it with gpt-4o would be next! Thanks ⁦@ashpreetbedi⁩

Autonomous RAG with llama3 on Groq

I’ve had building a RAG on my to-do list for a while. Lately, I’ve been experimenting with Groq, which has consistently impressed me with its inference speed. It’s been over four months since I cancelled my ChatGPT Plus subscription and switched to BoltAI, where I can access leading models like GPT-4, Llama-3.70B, Claude Opus, and Mistral-8x7b at a fraction of the cost. What I appreciate about BoltAI is its well-designed graphical user interface, which allows me to easily connect with multiple foundational models via API.

My current stack LLM/AI products I use everyday – Cursor ide to write code – BoltAI for writing and brainstorming (gpt4, llama3, claude, mistral) – perplexity for research

RT @laurenbalik: ClickHouse is very good. It has the power to disrupt much of the SIEM/cyber space, not to mention many Snowflake $SNOW an…

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