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Captable and Prorata 101

As a person who likes to be in the trenches, I was geeking out on captable economics in the past few weeks and wanted to share more about it in this blog.

VC PE Fund flows & Metrics


Measuring the performance of investing in private markets has always intrigued me as little information is available in the public domain. So I spent the last few weeks reading more about this and thought of sharing my understanding

Startup Valuations & Liquidity

I listened to 2 podcasts this week that really got me thinking clearly about the economics of an early-stage business and how it is perceived in the eyes of an investor and how it also impacts the founder and employees.

I thought it would be good to lay down the dots first and then try to link them just enough so that when the jig-saw is put together although each piece may not make much sense but together will give a clear picture for an entrepreneur from the shoes of an investor.

Cloud Gaming: Why It Matters And The Games It Will Create